ASHA has been an active collaborative partner of the Social Service Department at Forbes Marshall, an industrial company in Kasarwadi, for many years. Forbes Marshall is dedicated to providing community development services in the area as well as social and welfare services for their employees. The company runs a hospital and outpatient clinic on its premises, the Shehernaz Medicare Centre. The medical facility is utilized by the economically disadvantaged population of Kasarwadi and adjacent suburbs including Dapodi, Bopodi, and Bhosari, among others.

An ASHA Social Worker is outsourced for medical social work on Tuesdays and Fridays each week at the Shehernaz Medicare Centre. The Social Worker performs rounds along with a Doctor, and the Doctor refers patients for counselling.

Examples of Inpatient Referrals: Pregnant women for antenatal counselling; Postnatal women for counselling in baby care and contraception; Patients with substance abuse problems; Nutritional counseling; Curative precautions for conditinons like Tuberculosis, Diabetics, etc.; Family situation assessments.  

Examples of Outpatient Referrals: Mostly antenatal patients. We educate young mothers on diet and hygiene, baby care, etc. Women receive information and guidance around contraceptive measures as well.

The ASHA Social Worker also provides assistance to patients from disadvantaged populations undergoing major medical and surgical interventions. Following are some examples:

  • A 13 year old girl with disease of the valves of heart underwent valve replacement surgery and needed support along the way. Financial assistance for her surgery was provided as well.
  • A young women suffering from contractures and disfigurement following burns underwent plastic surgery at Sassoon General Hospital. The patient was provided financial assistance for her family for a period of 12 months while she was being treated.
  • A middle aged deserted woman was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in ASHA’s cancer check up camp. She had to undergo surgery for removal of the uterus. Counseling was provided throughout.

On average 2-3 new referrals and 1-2 follow-up cases are attended to by ASHA each week. Every year the Social Worker provides counselling to approximately 225 patients and ten to twelve antenatal and postnatal sessions are conducted for pregnant women.